Your Bible to Survive in This Chapter.

Start downloading the game to enter the mysterious story on this island, try to solve it before you get stuck in a loop in this Endless Summer Chapter, the right decision and calls are going to define your future there, keep reading our Choices Stories You Play guide for further information.

What an Endless Summer, But It Could Become Fun with

Adventure and romance awaits you, in this amazing island that has a very unique tropical weather, it is called La Huerta, so this is not a casual summer spending on this island, you are actually going to face some mysteries and you are supposed to solve them while you stay there, including that you are supposed to enjoy the stay there as well, now as the chapter starts, you are supposed to choose from 4 characters, 2 of them are females, and other 2 are males, but each one got a white skin and dark skin, as you are done with the choice of the character, the time has come to enter a specific name for it so far, as the chapter one starts, you should stay focused and intense since the music playing in the background is actually scary, and some weird pictures will keep coming up at your display, you will not actually understand what is going on, but the fact is that you will be able to understand everything right on time, so do not rush things at the moment, and remember that Choices Stories You Play cheats is actually considered to be the ultimate way for the freedom you have been seeking for so far in your journey at this game, you blink away the strange dream that has been coming in your eyes, and start getting adjusted to the bright lights outside in the plane and face the reality.


Weird Dreams Coming UP!

And as the airplane fly’s on and on, you will notice that your best friend Diego is giving you a smirk from the seat that is located near you, and he is like “morning”. And as the friends and mates on the plane starts to talk with each other, things are getting much better and you can actually notice huge improvement and advancement there, and you instantly start to recognize the guy walking down the aisle forward to you, since this guy was in your scary dream, he was right there speaking to you, so add this information to your head, that his name is Sean Gayle, as Diego pushes you out into the aisle right as he passes by! You bump into each other, and they are like, hey our friend here wants to say something to you actually, and he was actually planning to listen to a good dream, but things aren’t going on the right way to him, it was a terrifying dream. That is when he realizes that things are not going to be so well on this journey at the island, but anyway you can easily dodge the problems you going to face by using the Choices Stories You Play Hack for free.