Review: Injustice 2 – Good or evil?

With the first offshoot of Injustice NetherRealm has proven that they can develop Mortal Kombat not only, but also a universe as that can transform DC into a fighting game. Now Warner Brothers and NetherRealm want to prove with Injustice 2 that there has not been a fluke. We have a close look at Injustice 2, and want to summarize our impressions in a test.

The world was changed forever when a madman took the one that was Superman value most: his wife and his child. Taken from the most craziest of all criminals: the Joker. Superman has lost all scruples by this act and summarily killed the Joker. This murder was the start of the regime. An association of “heroes” who have no crime, no matter how small they were tolerated. Justice became something grotesque and the heroes of the past were feared – not just by criminals but by all people.

It was Batman, Superman and could capture the smash the regime. Along with former villains and heroes he made again for justice, without which the contentious proceedings could be put into the hands of individual heroes. No one should more have to die without trial.

Time passes and as everyone knows, peace is a fragile construct that can be of influences beyond human control quickly destroyed. Brainiac has found the earth, and gather everything you need to know and destroy the rest. If the Justice League reunite or remain the world of heroes forever at odds?


Which we liked:

NetherRealm did that with Injustice 2 Hack, which should make many studios, if they publish a second part. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, NetherRealm has built on the backbone of the first part and meaningfully to this.

The excellent gameplay of the first part was thus not fundamentally changed, or made unnecessarily brutal, to add some more Mortel Kombat flair, but extended with some features. Your heroes and villains, of course, the election can now expand their equipment. improve new parts of their suits or “body.” New gloves, pants or weapons make the different characters even more, provide more health, strength, or give you the option to use other skills.

Each character can rise in the level and thereby enable different Ausrüstungsgegengestände or abilities. Denies her specific events, like the story or are active in the multiverse, then you will receive also known as “Mother boxes” that can contain different equipment and skills. Within these events also you get credits, which you can invest for the various boxes. Depending on the value of the box will receive their normal, good or even legendary equipment. Everything does not need her what can you sell it for in-game credits simply.

This “Lootbox” system in connection with the story or the multiverse provides the necessary motivation to favorite character or and others to push down to Level 20th In the multiverse you can also do more different tasks that you bring extra credits. The matches there are frequently provided or with bonus objectives with “handicaps” or skills that provide variety.

The gameplay itself has again not drive big change. There are several new stages and new fighter, but there was nothing here verschlimmbessert. But what can already be seen in the gameplay, so to actually see is the beautiful graphics of the game.


NetherRealm has with Injustice 2 can drauflegen a graphic shovel again. Especially during the story mode shows how beautiful the animation of Injustice 2 are. Just the facial animations are of incredibly good quality. Sure, much of it is significantly higher resolution during a “cut scene” but the transition from film to active gameplay shows that in terms of quality hardly a tear can be seen here. Graphically Injustice 2 at a significantly higher level than the direct predecessor.

At nearly the same level and the sound of Injustice 2. The voice actors deliver from an across the board good job. Each speaker also fits with his role without any noticeable. The same goes for the soundtrack of the game. The background music of Injustice 2 fits like the proverbial chalk and cheese.